Dust & Dirt

Across the sea

Looking through

An oval window


Extraordinary blue

With pearl white foam

Lies a land

of marooned convicts

story telling indigenous

New beginnings await

Let the old frayIMG_20170427_122542


the unknown

Living a life

That’s not able to take flight

Trees and tools what will you be?




That’s all I got

The best things are free



Gentle air

Musical shadows

Insects flying

Promised light

The hills stand

Solid ground

At night

The clouds give way

To a darker sky

A pin point in time

Fires the desire

A sleepless





Embers burn

With shepherds delight

While buildings blacken

Prickles of street lights come to life

Songs of cicadas’ beating their hearts

Rangitoto island wild with darkness

In his volcanic slumber

Hitched up high gazing

Take me back to

Musick Point

Interminatis Labyrinthum

Here, there, cluttered and clunk

Never ending spoon feeding

Wants disguised needs

Yearning for the wild

And the giant silver moon

Gazing at galaxies far wide

Learning to be one

With the great Kauri trees



An earth of hearts

Free or guarded

Some live loving every moment

A state of mind

To be

Others gaze over their watch towers

Whispering tomorrow, tomorrow

Worried & scared

They forget…

Never fear

White dove