Dust & Dirt

Across the sea

Looking through

An oval window


Extraordinary blue

With pearl white foam

Lies a land

of marooned convicts

story telling indigenous

New beginnings await

Let the old frayIMG_20170427_122542


the unknown

Living a life

That’s not able to take flight

Trees and tools what will you be?




That’s all I got

The best things are free



Embers burn

With shepherds delight

While buildings blacken

Prickles of street lights come to life

Songs of cicadas’ beating their hearts

Rangitoto island wild with darkness

In his volcanic slumber

Hitched up high gazing

Take me back to

Musick Point


An earth of hearts

Free or guarded

Some live loving every moment

A state of mind

To be

Others gaze over their watch towers

Whispering tomorrow, tomorrow

Worried & scared

They forget…

Never fear

White dove

Soil & earth

Endeavouring over misty mountains

Where the true antagonist lays

Discovering life in a different light

Legs shattered, strained and sprained

The wind pulled me down

On the highest mound

A virus of doubt entered

Yet the mind did not fray

With a steady thought

To never give up

Gave power, to steady hands

Raising my body

There I stand


To begin again


Beyoncé – Self-Titled inspirational yet flawed

The video is about Beyoncé sending her message about how she sees life through her videos. “Perfection is a disease” is it worth conforming and being perfect or should we be imperfect and live a happy life. “Growth, love & happiness life is short”.

Here’s is a poem Beyoncé inspired me to write hope you enjoy. 🙂


Flowing winds progressed
When the roar of the thunder settled
My eyes closed
When they opened, I saw

People brightened by their thoughts
From your 3rd person perception
Understanding the world & yourself
Giving a deeper level to your existence
It’s a curse and a gift

While others stay closed
We will open them

Together our love will shine.