Dust & Dirt

Across the sea

Looking through

An oval window


Extraordinary blue

With pearl white foam

Lies a land

of marooned convicts

story telling indigenous

New beginnings await

Let the old frayIMG_20170427_122542


Beyoncé – Self-Titled inspirational yet flawed

The video is about Beyoncé sending her message about how she sees life through her videos. “Perfection is a disease” is it worth conforming and being perfect or should we be imperfect and live a happy life. “Growth, love & happiness life is short”.

Here’s is a poem Beyoncé inspired me to write hope you enjoy. 🙂


Flowing winds progressed
When the roar of the thunder settled
My eyes closed
When they opened, I saw

People brightened by their thoughts
From your 3rd person perception
Understanding the world & yourself
Giving a deeper level to your existence
It’s a curse and a gift

While others stay closed
We will open them

Together our love will shine.