A fire echoes

Radiating, touching flesh

Warming the bones

Of a thousand lives

Crowded streets

Stealing your eye

In the moment

The fork lies

Hissing green snakes

Nirvana evades

To be

Risk it all




The dramatic violin plays

Each stroke brings depth

Brightening each of your steps

Dancing round & round

With out a care, beautiful

To believe in angels

Hidden and right there

Who are we, to not be?

To change beliefs, hearts, minds the world

Rusting old thoughts, bring forth a new

A time of peace, love not cold or war


Mystery of the mind

Power of the soul

Strength of the body

Youth of nations call out

Deliver us peace not war

Deliver us abundance not hunger

Deliver us a future not a past

In the morning we wake

We put on our shoes

Clean our teeth

We ready ourselves for the day

Forgetting we have lived at all

Until we see

Until we speak

Until we are free