Next to the fallen Tree

Fruits of the forest flourish

Leaves fall to the ground

Droplets of water in still motion

Tranquil night, faint light

A hedgehog hobs round

The fallen tree lovers

Gaze into each other eyes

Hearts open wide

Never knowing what lays behind

Excitement of colour

Splashes into life

A match to a tinder box

Is it reigning passion or desire

A wolf in plain sight


11:32pm – Thoughts

Nighttime rain

Echoing black silver

Ribbons sling across the deep dark

Theatre of the night

In the misty lake

By the fray

Finding Fate

Interminatis Labyrinthum

Here, there, cluttered and clunk

Never ending spoon feeding

Wants disguised needs

Yearning for the wild

And the giant silver moon

Gazing at galaxies far wide

Learning to be one

With the great Kauri trees