Dust & Dirt

Across the sea

Looking through

An oval window


Extraordinary blue

With pearl white foam

Lies a land

of marooned convicts

story telling indigenous

New beginnings await

Let the old frayIMG_20170427_122542


the unknown

Living a life

That’s not able to take flight

Trees and tools what will you be?




That’s all I got

The best things are free



Gentle air

Musical shadows

Insects flying

Promised light

The hills stand

Solid ground

At night

The clouds give way

To a darker sky

A pin point in time

Fires the desire

A sleepless




A piece of exploration

Over the hills

With my telescope

Beyond the sea

Magnifying all the little things

Fire erupts at the break of dawn

Luminosity revealing shadows of history

Crashing sounds of breaking waves

Are you the one who can see?

Or the one with clouded eyes?

Can’t you see beauty surrounds

Freedom, freedom, freedom

The melody of our time

New age thoughts of an Auckland resident

On route: destination received

One hour duration, 5 min walk


A nation of culture

Mixed in this Tin can

Emotions fill their half meter space

Some tired, sad, bored & happy

With the occasional mad hatter

Travelling along their private day


Does it not amaze to sit so close

Yet know so little






Which realm does community now thrive?